Importing PDF Documents

There are 3 main methods for importing a PDF document into Floorplans Pro (Other methods including importing from Dropbox).

Importing a PDF file already opened on your ipad.

Open a PDF file on your iPad/iPhone and click the share button:


If previously, other Apps were installed that allow for PDF import, Floorplans Pro may not appear in the initial list. If this happens, click the More Button in the share menu:


Select "Copy to Floorplans"


Now you are presented with the Calibration screen that allows you to match the scale of the PDF file to the scale of the Floorplans document:


Importing from Email.

With the email opened in the Mail App, tap and hold on the attachment, until the contextual menu appears.


If Floorplans does not appear in the initial list of apps for PDF import, tap the "More" button and locate Floorplans Pro.


Importing a PDF by browsing from within the app.

From the Floorplan File Menu tap the Add File "+" button and tap "Import from Web". This method of importing files is not exclusively limited to PDF files, but can also be used to import JPG/GIF files as well.


Using the built-in browser navigate to the PDF file. The top URL bar can be used to enter an address, or a search can be done with Google.


Once the file is opened from the built-in browser, a confirmation prompt will appear.


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